At, we owe our success to a distinguished group of experienced mentors who have dedicated their time to nurturing and sharing knowledge. These remarkable individuals are more than just teachers; they are friends who offer guidance and support.

They come from a variety of backgrounds, bringing together a wealth of expertise that is instrumental in enhancing the skills and knowledge base of our team. Their unwavering dedication and passion for robotics education inspire us all, fostering an environment of learning that is engaging, hands-on, and fun.

John Diep

John Diep serves as the co-founder of, where his impressive career portfolio showcases his work with renowned enterprise companies, including Toyota Motors, Raytheon Aerospace, Hilton Hotels, Riot Games,, Capital Group, First American, Amazon, and HITACHI. John’s unwavering passion for engineering, AI, and robotics, coupled with his extensive expertise, serves as the cornerstone of Under his visionary guidance, our mission is to democratize robotics, making it accessible and inspiring for all, while revolutionizing the way the next generation engages with technology. John’s exceptional leadership and dedication to fostering an environment that nurtures innovation and exploration make him an invaluable asset to our mentorship program.

Katharina Lam

Katharina Lam is our all-star mom mentor, having guided three of her daughters, Sarah, Jessica, and Michelle, from their early robotics journeys to attending one of the most prestigious tech universities in the world, MIT (all 3 daughters, #proud). Her unwavering dedication, drive, and intelligence push the boundaries of what it takes to be successful, whether in school or career. We are honored to have her as a mentor here at, where her experience and passion continue to inspire both students and parents alike. Her advice, “…do what you love, work hard, and strive for excellence“, is something we echo in all aspects of our team’s culture. Thank you, Mrs. Lam!

Kevin Diamond

Kevin Diamond brings to our mentorship team a wealth of leadership and technical expertise accrued from his tenure at some of the world’s most prominent retail enterprises. As a seasoned CTO, Kevin has lent his technical acumen to giants such as NORDSTROM and FOREVER21, providing strategic guidance and oversight to their expansive technological infrastructures. His experience co-founding HauteLook, a pioneer in the flash sale e-commerce space in 2008, offers our team valuable insights into the world of tech startups. Kevin’s expansive knowledge, combined with his sharp business acumen, provides our team with a unique perspective on the intersection of technology and business. His dedication to imparting this wisdom to the next generation enhances the richness of our mentorship program.

Brandon Schoen

Brandon is our superstar mentor, boasting an impressive engineering career spanning over a decade. As an expert at Salesforce, he oversees massive technical infrastructure that serves a multitude of companies across the United States. His expertise and practical insights into the complexities of large-scale systems bring a unique real-world perspective to our team. Brandon’s ability to translate his extensive experience into teachable moments continues to enhance our team’s understanding of robotics. His commitment to nurturing the next generation of engineers is a testament to his passion for the field and our team’s ongoing success.

Zubin Ghafari

We are immensely fortunate to have Zubin as one of our esteemed mentors. His expertise in application migration, digital modernization, and generative AI, coupled with his commitment to fostering the next generation of engineers, further enriches the learning experience for our team. His dedication and passion for robotics education continue to be a hallmark of our mentorship program. Zubin is currently serving as a Solution Architect at one of the “Big Three” management consulting firms. His current role provides him with a broad perspective on business and technology trends and strategies, offering invaluable insights to our team. With nearly a decade of engineering experience, Zubin’s mentorship brings a unique blend of technical prowess and real-world business acumen.

Jerome Chang

Jerome Chang serves as the Founder and CEO at BLANKSPACES, a pioneering coworking space in Los Angeles, which proudly operates across 8 different locations. Jerome’s educational background is impressive, with his undergraduate degree in Structural Engineering from Cornell University and a Master of Architecture from Harvard University. His unique combination of education and experience provides him with a nuanced understanding of the intersection between structure, space, and the needs of a dynamic workforce. Furthermore, his visionary leadership at BLANKSPACES demonstrates his ability to leverage this knowledge in creating work environments that are not only functional and aesthetic, but also foster collaboration and innovation. Jerome’s commitment to sharing his insights and nurturing the next generation of entrepreneurs makes him an integral part of our mentorship program.

Harprit Bhui

Harprit brings to our team a wealth of experience in application product development, having worked with some of the world’s largest consulting firms, including KPMG, Capgemini, and Rimini Street. As a co-founder of gUnify, a telephony software application, she demonstrated her strategic vision and entrepreneurship, leading to the company’s acquisition by VONAGE in 2015. Harprit has extensive experience in creating algorithms using Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML). These cutting-edge skills have been instrumental in the development of sophisticated applications that solve complex business challenges and create significant value for clients. Her advanced understanding of these technologies, combined with her ability to apply them in a practical context, greatly benefits our team, providing insights into the exciting frontiers of AI. Harprit’s commitment to sharing her knowledge and fostering a culture of continuous learning makes her a valued and respected member of our mentorship team.

Alex Gaganashvili

Alex is another incredibly valuable asset to our mentorship team. As an expert in DevOps and Python engineering, Alex brings a decade of rich, industry-specific experience to the table, guided by a profound understanding of the technological landscape. In his current role, he spearheads DevOps at VMware, a globally recognized leader in cloud infrastructure and digital workspace technology. His technological prowess, combined with his practical experience, lends a level of depth and practicality to our team’s learning journey. Alex’s commitment to educating the next generation and cultivating their skills in robotics is pivotal to our team’s growth and success.

Jeremy McDavid

Jeremy is an esteemed figure in the realm of education, playing a crucial role as an integral member of our mentorship team. Currently serving as the Principal at 42nd Street Elementary in the Los Angeles Unified School District, Jeremy brings an educational perspective to our team that is anchored in years of hands-on experience. His leadership and educational strategies have been instrumental in shaping the minds of countless students. Jeremy’s addition to our mentorship team bridges the gap between traditional education and the technological focus of our robotics program, ensuring that our team members receive a well-rounded educational experience. His dedication to the development of young minds and passion for education make him an invaluable asset to our team.

Kristin Kniss

Kristin Kniss is a pivotal figure in our mentorship team, responsible for spearheading all aspects of UX/UI design. With over a decade of experience in digital design and development, Kristin brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our team. She excels in crafting user-centric digital experiences that engage users and drive conversions. Her profound understanding of user psychology, coupled with her ability to translate it into intuitive, interactive designs, enriches our team’s learning journey. Kristin’s dedication to nurturing the next generation of UX/UI designers and her commitment to excellence make her an invaluable asset to our mentorship program.

Jeff Chau

Jeff Chau brings to our mentorship team over 20 years of industry experience in database management. During his time at Broadcom, he served as a skilled Database Administrator, managing vast amounts of data and mastering the intricacies and complexities that come with it. This background equips him with a deep understanding of database systems, their architecture, and management, which he now imparts to our team. Additionally, his extensive experience in programming further enriches the knowledge of our team members, providing them with comprehensive insights into software development. Jeff’s commitment to sharing his expertise and developing the next generation of tech professionals makes him a crucial part of our mentorship program.

Nick Hepner

Nick, a prolific engineer, adds a remarkable breadth of experience to our mentorship team. Nick’s illustrious career has seen him work with mammoth enterprises like,, and Cannondale Bikes, where his technical expertise played a crucial role in their success. Currently, Nick serves as the CTO and Co-founder of Northern Lights, a next-generation headless CMS SaaS targeted at mid-size to enterprise retail businesses. His extensive experience and strategic vision offer our team real-world insights into enterprise-level software development and management. Nick’s commitment to fostering the next generation of tech leaders makes him a vital member of our mentorship program.

Edward Beck

Edward brings significant technical leadership to our mentorship team. As the VP of IT for a prominent enterprise, Line 6 to, Edward is responsible for overseeing all facets of Information Technology operations. Currently, he holds the position of CTO at IQ BackOffice, a leading finance software company. In this role, Edward is responsible for overseeing all technology stacks, ensuring that they align with the company’s objectives and add value to its operations. His deep understanding of technical management and strategic vision offers our team real-world insights into the successful leadership of an IT enterprise. Edward’s dedication to cultivating the next generation of tech leaders ensures his invaluable contribution to our mentorship program.