Meet our founders, Aidan Diep and John Diep. They are a father-and-son duo who share a deep passion for robotics. Driven by their shared passion for robotics, John Diep and his son, Aidan, joined forces to create This platform is meticulously designed to nurture the growth and knowledge of aspiring students who desire to master the art of robotics. Serving as an accessible and interactive learning tool, this remarkable endeavor epitomizes the duo’s unwavering commitment to contribute to the realm of robotics education and their unwavering faith in the transformative potential of technology. Their primary objective is to assist aspiring learners in cultivating the essential skills and knowledge required to excel in this field, thus ensuring a promising future for robotics engineering.

Aidan Diep

Aidan Diep
Aidan Diep

Aidan actively participates in the prestigious Robotics program at Glen A. Wilson High School in Hacienda Heights. This Robotics program has built a distinguished reputation, producing some of the most brilliant young engineers who have gone on to attend prestigious universities such as MIT, UCLA, UC Berkeley, Carnegie Mellon, UC Irvine, UC Santa Barbara, and Harvey Mudd.

Aidan has an uncanny ability to grasp the nuances of technology with incredible speed. This talent not only sets him apart but also fuels his passion for robotics. He consistently demonstrates an exceptional understanding of complex systems, absorbing and applying new information in a remarkably short time.

Aidan Diep NFT project

During the pandemic, Aidan demonstrated his quick learning and self-taught prowess by building and launching an NFT project in just one week. The NFT consisted of 7 uniquely designed images, created from scratch, and then utilized code to randomly generate 10,000 images.  With remarkable speed, he effortlessly understood the complexities of this burgeoning technology. Utilizing Python as his programming language, he delved into every aspect from minting to marketplaces, showcasing his adaptability and resilience during a time of global turbulence.

Furthermore, his ability to learn CAD design was paired nicely with his sharp mathematical skills, enabling him to create intricate and aesthetically pleasing digital assets. This undertaking not only solidified Aidan’s place in the rapidly evolving digital frontier but also underscored the power of technology as a tool for creativity and innovation.

In his Senior year at Glen A. Wilson High School, Aidan has taken a pivotal role as the co-lead robotics builder team, CAD architect, and designer. He utilizes his in-depth understanding of systems and his formidable CAD design skills to spearhead the creation of sophisticated robotics models. Aidan’s leadership in this role has been instrumental in guiding the team, fostering an environment of innovation, and setting high standards of excellence. His remarkable contributions and relentless pursuit of knowledge continue to push boundaries and redefine the limits of what is achievable in the realm of robotics.

John Diep

With over two decades of experience as an engineer, John brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to John has worked at several leading companies throughout his career, applying his engineering expertise and innovative thinking to drive growth and technological advancement.

He has worked at some of the largest enterprise companies on the planet, including the likes of Toyota Motors, Raytheon Aerospace, Hilton Hotels, Riot Games,, Capital Group, First American, Amazon, and HITACHI. His expertise and passion for engineering, AI, and robotics form the foundation of, guiding our mission to make robotics accessible and inspiring for everyone.

John’s passion extends beyond just robotics. He is a prominent figure in the Los Angeles tech startup community, continuously contributing his expertise and resources to help ambitious startups flourish. John’s collaborative spirit led him to join forces with Activision‘s co-founder, Howard Marks to launch StartEngine, a startup accelerator aimed at revolutionizing the tech industry in LA. In 2011 alone, their joint efforts led to investments in 50+ promising startups – an impressive testament to John’s commitment to fostering innovation and driving technological growth.

At, we are proud of our founders’ achievements and remain committed to providing a digital platform that serves as a beacon for the robotics community worldwide. Join us on this journey of exploration and discovery!

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